Compare Jeff's demo of I'm Alive to the final product.



No Turn Unstoned

(songs from the 70s remastered)

Available NOW from all good online stores or via Angel Air Records

Merry Christmas
November 27, 2015:
Check out the new video at the right of Christie's Everything's Gonna Be Alright, made for a Finnish TV show!
October 25, 2015:
Remember, you can always write in here or via Jeff's Facebook page with messages for Jeff. And if you're lucky, he answers them personally!
September 26, 2015:
There have been numerous interviews with Jeff published since Christie hit the charts in 1970. If you haven't read them, check them out here. You can also read interviews with all the band members.

July 12, 2015:

Happy birthday Jeff


February 25, 2015:
Check out some photos from a Christmas gig Jeff did in Germany in 2009.
February 3, 2015:
More cover versions! Listen to The Road Brothers, The Fentones and Gunther Gursch!
January 29, 2015:
Now you can read the transcript of the Strange Brew podcast, together with selected links to music samples and related articles.


January 21, 2015:
The new version of For All Mankind is now available via the major digital platforms. Don't forget to buy a copy and spread the word!