Compare Jeff's demo of I'm Alive to the final product.



No Turn Unstoned

(songs from the 70s remastered)

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December 11, 2014:
Fans have sent in some new pictures of Christie's visit to South America in 1974!


December 4, 2014:
Jeff Christie has re-recorded For All Mankind with the acclaimed Brighouse and Rastrick Band! The song will be available from most digital platforms in January. You can pre-purchase here.

November 20, 2014:
Christie laid down One For The Road in the studio for a possible third album, but of course that was never released. You can hear a snippet here!
PRSOctober 5, 2014:
You can now pre-order copies of the Century of Song book, which celebrates 100 years of the best music the organisation has protected over that time, including Yellow River as well the works of luminaries such as the beatles and the Rolling Stones.
September 21, 2014:
The latest Christie band member to be interviewed for the site is Adrian Foster! Read what the band's lead guitarist has to say.
September 14, 2014:
Due to surgery on his shoulder, Jeff has had to cancel gigs at Rotterdam and Offenbach as well as a Christmas special. But fear not: hopefully Jeff will be back stronger next year and will be back on stage entertaining his fans!
Bravo logoAugust 17, 2014:
Did you know that in 1970, Christie had the third most popular single in Germany, beating the likes of the Beatles, Led Zeppelin and CCR ?
July 13, 2014:
PRSJeff Christie has been honoured with inclusion in the PRS' book, A Century of Song. Yellow River comes in between Paul McCartney and George Harrison.
   Meanwhile, check out this new cassette product from Russia.

July 12, 2014:


June 7, 2014:
If you have any Christie memoribilia to share, send them here and we will spotlight them!
May 13, 2014:
Check out the new video on the right!
May 10, 2014:
Well-known Leeds guitarist Ted Platt passed away recently. He played in many well-known local bands in the 60s and featured on several of Jeff's solo songs (featured on the past two Angel Air albums). Jeff and Paul Fenton wish to pay tribute to a fine musician.
May 2, 2014:
A new Song Of The Week has been loaded!
April 11, 2014:
Here's an interview with Christie's singing drummer, Simon Kay!
March 3, 2014:
Is Christie's For All Mankind one of your favourite songs? If so, you have a treat coming up. Stay tuned!
February 27, 2014:
Jeff has been chosen as one of the artists to help celebrate Leeds' rich legacy to music.
February 15, 2014:
Have you snapped a photo of yourself with Jeff? If so, send it here and we will publish them!
February 8, 2014:
Just a reminder that we feature fan feedback on this site! And if you're lucky, Jeff will reply to your mail!
January 25, 2014:
Read what a travel writer has to say about her experience of Yellow River. And here's a new pic of Jeff with a Japanese gold record.