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jo jo's band/california sunshine
jo jo's band
calfornia sun

JoJo's Band CD

A CD released by Vic Elmes comprising Jo Jo's Band, two songs from Vic's old group China, and a new composition.

Jo Jo's Band (V Elmes)

This is a peculiarity. Although most of Vic's songs were not considered to be as strong as Jeff's,  this piece was regarded good enough to be released as a single, but only in South America. This lightweight poppish track about a music group immediately hooks the listener with a nice trademark Christie intro, and then shifts into an arrangement not unlike Vic's Country Sam. Vic handles the lead vocals too, with Jeff and Paul helping out on harmonies. Jeff arranges the song with a nice mandolin effect throughout.
    Analysts may choose to view the song as an autobiographical piece (Jo Jo's Band = Jeff's Band), although this has not been confirmed by Vic. This song was one of several from a recording session for the group's third album.

California Sunshine (L Lubin)

The flipside to the single was Lem Lubin's California Sunshine, released on the back of Fool's Gold in parts of Europe. This is one of the rare Christie singles not featuring a Jeff Christie song on either side, yet curiously, both songs are attributed to Jeff on the label!


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