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*The correct spelling of the town is San Bernardino (with the extra "r"). The error was detected too late for the records to be recalled and the labels corrected. This song has been registered with music publishers under both spellings.*

San Bernadino words

Some record sleeve lyrics also included a different line to one of the verses. This line — "all along the Colorado" — has never been used on any of the San Bernadino recordings.

1st verse
I've been all around this great big world
To Paris and to Rome
And I've never found a place that I
Could really call my own
But there's one place where I know
The sun is shining endlessly
And it's calling me across the sea
So I must get back to San Bernadino

2nd verse
I remember when I was sixteen
My daddy said to me
"You could travel round this universe
"Until eternity,
"But you'll never find that peace of mind
"That you've been dreamin' of,
"Not until you finally decide
"To come on home to San Bernadino."

Oh, I'm longin' for
San Bernadino
Oh, I'm longin' for
San Bernadino

3rd verse
I've been all along the water
Right up to the Rio Grande
And I've never found that paradise
They call the promised land
I was young and foolishly
I thought the world was at my feet
But I'm no different now and so
I'm homeward bound for San Bernadino

4th verse
Well I'm older and I'm wiser
And I've seen the light of day
And I think it's time to realise
My dreams have gone astray
But I've tried so hard to reach that star
That was so far away
So now I gotta find that road
That's leading home to San Bernadino



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