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other artists

The Christie youtube channel also features clips of artists from all around the world performing Christie songs. Here are some examples.

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Ecuador-based Korean singer Jinsop released Iron Horse as a single in the 70s

Popular Lithuanian band Nerija reprise their hit version of Iron Horse

Estonian band MaMa cover Iron Horse (Lahme Koos)

Czech star Václav Neckár with Nejsem Gladiátor (Put Your Money Down)

Schlager singer Roberto Blanco sings San Bernadino

Lithuanian band Kryžkele sing New York City

Brazilian band Pholhas sing Yellow River

Polish band TravelBanda sing Yellow River

English superstar Cliff Richard sings a rock medley including Yellow River

Spanish rock band Medina Azahara ad lib with Jeff Christie on Yellow River

Finnish band Turo's Hevi Gee sing Shellin Paariin (Yellow River)

English pop band The Tremeloes sing Yellow River

US bluegrass group Doyle Lawson and Quicksilver playYellow River

UK pop band St Cecilia sing Tomorrow Night

Russian band Gone With The Wind sing Yila Ribu (Yellow River)

Australian band Jigsaw perform Yellow River, one of two versions to make No 1 in Australia


Spanish band Los Mismos perform San Bernadino


Brazilian singer Rosemary performs Jeff's Nothing Has Changed.

Czech band Czarno Czarni sing Jedza rybe (Yellow River)


Japanese performer Jimmy Okamoto sings Yellow River

Russian band The Dizzy Cats perform Country Boy

French crooner Joe Dassin sings L'Amerique